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Reverse Mortgages made easy, in Ventura County, California

Welcome to the official site of Bluestar Funding Corp. We are a full service mortgage company in Oxnard, California and we specialize in Reverse Mortgages in Ventura County and surrounding cities. Over 62 years of age and have a primary residence you want to include in your retirement plan? Call locally owned Bluestar Funding Corp. Call Chris as he handles all Reverse Mortgage Loans.

Reverse Mortgage programs offered:

HECM (insured by the federal government) Programs
Jumbo Reverse Mortgages

1. Pay off your current mortgage and have no payment

2. Take lump sum and/or equity line and have no payment.

3. Purchase a new home, with a reverse mortgage.

At Bluestar Funding Corp, we have provided residential home loans since 2002. Our focus on Reverse Mortgage Loans started a few years ago when Reverse Programs were changed for the better.  With 16 years of hands on experience and the motivation to meet your goals, we want to work with you. The NEW reverse mortgage programs have changed for the better.

We are often asked, how we get paid – always a fair question - and we almost always get paid by the lender and we only get paid from the lender, when your loan closes. We rely on referrals so we always do our best to get you the right Reverse Mortgage and low closing costs. We do not charge an application fee, a processing fee or any silly admin type fees.

We review the Reverse Mortgage programs from many lenders, and they are all NOT created equally.  It’s all about what is best for your specific loan situation. We shop for you, do most of the work and get paid by the lender.

We do both forward and reverse mortgages and we enjoy what we do. Call Chris Wetherby.


Bluestar and more particularly Chris Wetherby are beyond awesome. Chris has been THE resource for my mortgage loans and the many times I've refinanced. Chris shops the absolute BEST rates available and readily walks me through the entire transaction. He is always available to address my many questions, being completely thorough and making sure that I feel totally comfortable with the process. It's so refreshing to work with a person who has such passion for what he does and equal passion in putting his clients needs first.

I can't thank you enough Chris!

With President Trump's new FHA nominee, Reverse Mortgages are becoming better for you.


Contact Bluestar Funding Corp today to discuss your reverse mortgage loan options, and find out which loan program will best suit your needs.

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